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Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) has an illustrious history in Australia that is undeniably intertwined with Australian identity. CUB has created of the most iconic and beloved beers such as Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught, and one of Australia’s most famous exports – Foster’s. The company has cemented its role in Australian history.

CUB is renowned as a beverage company, but what’s key to CUB’s future is creating a better world. Their Better World vision aims to drive sustainability and social consciousness to create a healthy environment and thriving communities. We admire and support the fantastic steps that CUB is taking to put their Better World vision into practice. Every team member looks at ways to achieve their sustainability, diversity and inclusiveness goals across both their organisation and their entire supply chain.

We were lucky enough to meet Sarah Sullivan, Property Service Manager at CUB’s Melbourne head office. Sarah is an inspirational individual with an incredible drive to improve the wellbeing of her colleagues. She knew that some of her colleagues were sometimes unprepared at work during their menstruation days, causing a lot of discomfort. She also knew that periods can be very unpredictable. As an empathetic colleague and someone who knows the positive impact of having readily available menstrual products, she initially bought menstrual products for the office from supermarket shelves. She heard about Lotus.Eco and our specially designed corporate service offering, so invited us to discuss how we could help CUB with our organic, sustainable and biodegradable products.

We were able to create a bespoke solution that built on our existing prototypes to offer the right solution for the CUB team. Working quickly, we were able to install our menstrual product dispensers into the office bathrooms, ready for instant use.

After a two-month trial, we checked in with Sarah to get feedback from CUB staff about the service and product offering. Sarah enthusiastically conveyed that "the feedback has been great! From people just being happy we're supplying them with hygiene products to the product itself and the accessibility of the products, the set up that you guys have created."

We were ecstatic our product was positively received however, we were more excited about the curiosity and connectedness it has sparked within CUB. "It's promoted staff to reach out to other staff and discuss the implementation and come to my team property services and ask questions about why we've done it and where it's going from there" Sarah communicated.

Most importantly, it was encouraging to hear that discussions about the initiative extended to include all genders.

"On the one hand it was surprising to have men talk about feminine products but on the other hand it's great and it just shows the inclusivity of the business. So everyone is supportive of each other and initiatives we bring in," explains Sarah.

This seemingly small initiative has bolstered the trust that staff have in teams like Sarah's, as well as boosting inclusiveness and staff morale. It demonstrates the tangibility of diversity and inclusiveness. We know that when employees see their organisations are committed to and supportive of diversity, and everyone feel included, engagement, productivity and numerous ancillary benefits increase.

People such as Sarah, companies such as CUB and initiatives such as this is what makes doing what we do at Lotus.Eco an absolute privilege. We're looking forward to meeting with Sarah again in a few months to help her take the initiative to CUB's interstate offices and continue to create a better world!

This is what CUB had to say about the initiative.


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