Environmental Partnerships

There is an inevitable environmental footprint when producing goods and offering services. We're trying to minimise our footprint when offering you our products. We're working towards making sure our entire supply chain is environmentally sustainable. Where we take from the environment, we give back; where we are supported by our community, we will provide support to those in need.

We'd like to show our appreciation to those companies whom we've chosen to work with to make our vision happen. Here they are…



Environmental Justice Foundation

We are proud to partner with the Environmental Justice Foundation to support them in what they do and what we both believe in - sustainability, environmentalism and human rights.

When you purchase our products, 30% of your purchase funds projects in either oceans, cotton or forests. You decide, we action, we all benefit. Remember to make your selection in your cart.

A little bit about EJF:

Protecting People and Planet.

Dynamic, agile and effective, the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is working to secure a world where natural habitats and environments can sustain, and be sustained by, the communities that depend upon them for their basic needs and livelihoods.

From the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to the coastal waters of West Africa, EJF is working in some of the world’s toughest and most remote countries to shine an international spotlight on the environmental and human rights abuses that too often go unnoticed.

By looking at environmental security through a human rights lens, we can mobilise concern, garner support and drive international action for lasting change.

EJF’s campaigns run across four key areas: oceans, climate, forests and cotton.

  • OCEANS: Protecting marine environments, biodiversity and livelihoods
  • CLIMATE: Securing international protection for climate change refugees
  • THE TRUE COSTS OF COTTON: Eradicating the human and environmental abuses associated with White Gold
  • FORESTS: Demanding an end to deforestation for the survival of wildlife and people
  • ACTIVIST TRAINING PROGRAMME: Supporting tomorrow’s environmental defenders



A little bit about The Better Packaging Co:


The Better Packaging Co. is a team of passionate individuals determined to improve the state of the environment. Having seen firsthand the amount of plastic waste generated by the eCommerce industry, the company’s founders – Rebecca and Kate, decided to start with courier packaging.

They design revolutionary, customised packaging solutions for the new eco-nomy – a circular economy in which generating waste is not an option and the earth’s resources are not treated as infinite. 

This resonated so closely with the message that we believe in driving forward. Contribution to the circular economy at every opportunity. As a female run business we were drawn to a kindred story and only use The Better Packaging Co to ship all our customer products.

 You can also read more about how we are stocked and listed on their Better Friends Brand Directory - where they showcase other sustainable businesses doing amazing things as well!



It's very important to us that not only our product, but our supply chain is sustainable. That's why we've selected Sendle to deliver your menstrual products to you. They're the first postal company in Australia that is 100% carbon neutral! You'll have peace of mind knowing that your delivery is not contributing to more nasties in the atmosphere.

A little bit about Sendle:



Affinity Print

When we walked the printing floor at Affinity Print we knew we wanted to work with these guys. They're a genuine and friendly bunch that have looked after our printing needs to a tee. We love that they focus on green printing by implementing the 3Rs principle of reduce, reuse and recycle. We love their recycled paper and their vegetable based inks that don't contain any solvents.

Here is a little blurb from their website that explains a bit more about their ethos:

"These are some of the steps we have taken to implement friendly environmental practices.

  • Source paper from suppliers who use pulp from sustainable sources.
  • Recommending many choices of recycled paper.
  • Utilising computer to plate printing technology.
  • Printing with soy based inks.
  • Recycling all printing plates.
  • Recycling all of our waste material in a safe and responsible way.
  • Reusing all of our timber pallets.
  • Disposing of all our computers, monitors and all other waste into useable commodities. Recycling of all our digital toner cartridges through Planet Ark recycling.
  • Complying with all environmental requirements."

A little bit about Affinity Print: