Who We Are

Lotus.Eco empowers people to live free, with sustainability at the forefront.

Our Mission

Lotus.Eco is a catalyst for sustainability and an enabler of one's inherent power. We are your go to for premium, organic, eco-friendly, Australian owned menstrual products.


Our Essence

Our ethos is underpinned by the principles of equity and bravery. 
We believe in appreciating our world; celebrating what brings us together and what makes us unique, so we choose our actions to be inclusive of all regardless of individual life paths and choices.


Our Promise

At our core, we operate on sustainability in its various forms and hence make ethical decisions that care for the global environment and community we belong to. 
We commit to delivering quality service and products. 

Our Vibe

We believe in a balance between expression of individuality with consciousness of the impact to the collective. We capture this with flair for edgy, minimalist design and a playful, growth mindset. 



Liya Dong

Growing up in an immigrant family where my parents wanted to spoil my sister and I with the lifestyle of the Western world, I was fortunate enough to experience both poverty and privilege.
My parent's decision to venture on a completely new life in a completely new country without the ability to speak the language has taught me to take some chances in life because they might pay off for the next generation.
Their sacrifices became our luxuries and our luxuries became awareness of a better way. A more sustainable way to live, do business and give back to our communities.
Captain Planet played a huge part in all of this too! I've carried the show's message with me throughout my life and have always wanted to make a big impact in environmental conservation. But, I've learned through my travels and corporate banking career that making such an impact is more complex than hanging out with your 5 best, magic ring wearing (albeit diverse) friends.
It takes a lot of us, together, doing small things, over a long period of time to make a lasting impact. But we all need the capacity to be able to first get our individual selves in a position where we can then support others and give back. This is why Lotus.Eco exists.
We understand the power in every person and we want to contribute to each person reaching their full potential to live a free and sustainable life.


Varenya Aguru

I've always believed 3 things: fairness, respect and honesty. This stems from my family who are the biggest influences in my life.
Having spent the majority of my childhood across different countries, I was brought up with a passion for travel and culture. We were taught lessons growing up, about respecting people and trying to find our own way to make an impact.
Moving to Australia in late high school reinforced those lessons as there is a high sense of giving things a go in our culture. Going out and exploring all that the land has to offer while at the same time, having all the little luxuries that make a wholesome life. This is the biggest reason I felt so compelled to start working in an area so close to my heart…sustainability. I want this world to be there for a long while for all to enjoy.
As co-founders Liya and I bonded over careers, lifestyle, travel and the two things that were very important to us - respect for ourselves and the world around us. We didn't at any stage separate the idea of self from the environment. We are part of the same ecosystem,  the circle of use and regrowth.