Australian owned company bringing you biodegradable, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic tampons. Made from 100% certified organic cotton - even the string. Packaged in a travel ready, certified biodegradable and compostable pouch.

Biodegradable. Gone in 180 days

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Get your hands on the good stuff! Market first design in tampon packaging - travel ready, resealable, moisture-proof, compostable and biodegradable.

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Produced via a sustainable and ethical supply chain; aligned with circular economy principles

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These have been my go-to: I use my modibody and Lotus.Eco through the day and it’s been awesome!

by Kirsty Caruso


I've been trying out @lotus_eco's biodegradable tampons for a couple months and I'm never going back 🌿 This Australian, female-owned company ticks alllll the boxes. I'd highly recommend @lotus_eco 😋

by Maggie Z


Got yourself a very happy customer. I just found out that normal sanitary pads rake 500-800 years to breakdown, but your tampons only take 180 days. You just can’t compare that. Thank you for what you are doing for mother earth. Stocking up on my favourite sanitary product!

by Jo


It's not the most glamorous of topics, but it's a fact of life 🤷 Every woman needs a war kit and this is mine. Different days of your cycle call for a different weapon, but the good news is you can still be environmentally conscious regardless of your preference 💚

by @Mindful_Mumlife


@lotus_ecoare great for those who haven't taken the plunge into reusables yet or are looking for alternatives ♻️ I cannot recommend them or their ethos enough ♥️

by Jenna Flood


Lotus.Eco has changed my way of thinking and purchasing when it comes to sustainability. I love the transparency with what is used to make their products and I believe that all other brands should be doing the same or making the same changes for the future. It’ll save what future we do have left!

by Yueni


So convenient! Love that I have all absorbencies in one bag! I don't have to go sifting through my bag for multiple boxes of tampons anymore - and I can just reseal the packaging once I've got what I need. Great stuff!

by Penny

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Tampons tackling climate change

How do tampons tackle climate change?

The making of Lotus.Eco tampons produces 94% less greenhouse gases than traditional tampons.