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Talking about all things menstrual care and sustainability on the daily; we wanted to be able to share with you what we've learnt so far and what we'd love to showcase - thus, the birth of Phat Envelope.We believe menstruation cannot be discussed in isolation therefore, Phat Envelope exists for all encompassing conversations touching on freedom, freedom of choice, equity and living a healthy & balanced life. And of course the topic of sustainability is a recurring motif. Phat Envelope is also all about celebrating changemakers who turn conversations into action. So let's get some conversations going and charge up everyone's inherent power.Jump in, share your thoughts and musings with Phat Envelope!


Liya and Varenya



Lotus.Eco empowers people to live free, with sustainability at the forefront.



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Have feedback, questions, or story ideas? Get in touch with us at contact@lotus.eco (below) or send us a DM on Instagram.

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