Women in History: Cleopatra


Menstrual products have been in use far longer than we have been using calendars to track the passage of time. Even though they have been part of life for millennia, the evolution of menstrual items has been slow, thanks in part to periods being such a taboo topic until quite recently. Thankfully times are changing and in 2020 there are a fantastic number of menstrual products to  choose from with a growing number of eco-friendly choices that are safe and easy
to use.

It seems a shame that those in history missed out on access to such essential materials. If we could invent a time machine postie, we could deliver them some much needed change (and maybe a chocolate bar).  

Where would this time travelling postie with a parcel of eco tampons roam to?

What about Egypt? As far as ancient leaderships go there are none more striking than the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who worked hard to keep Egypt independent from Rome. Her fierce love and passion for her newfound people and their culture won her great popularity as well as the fact that she brought incredible prosperity with her rein. 

The larger story of Cleopatra reads like a bloody soap drama. Speaking of bloody, while tampons weren’t used in Ancient Egypt, menstrual pads were. But they were made from papyrus plants and would have been rather difficult to manage and wear, not to mention messy.

Not only would she have had to stop what she was doing to change frequently there would have been difficulties keeping the leaves in place as she moved about the palace corridors and met with officials, not to mention running around after her three beautiful children.

For example, running into the Nile to snatch a toddler away from a dozing crocodile would be far more comfortable and she could move with confidence, even in the water. Holding meetings with Julius Caesar and European leaders would be more focused and less interrupted if Cleo had the assurance of a reliable tampon that would last until the next break for figs and beer.

As fierce as she was, I’m sure Cleopatra herself would have hated the blood that was shed in order to establish leadership and rule.

If Cleopatra had access to modern tampons that were as sustainable and eco-friendly as the plant products she was already using at the time, she would have one less thing to think of amid her love affairs, ruling and raising of her children and less blood on her hands overall.

I think we can all agree that our friends of the past could use a helping hand from the wonders of modern menstrual technology. Who would you send our time machine postie pack of organic tampons to and why?

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