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Lotus.Eco offers a workplace service focussed on women in the workplace that successfully improves engagement, inclusion and morale. What is innovative is the ability to also support businesses in their corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability commitments while doing so.

Your employees are savvy about the impact of their consumables on the environment. At the end of the day, they’re also consumers – their expectation is that products should be sustainable.

Lotus.Eco products offer the following:

  • Zero Environmental Impact

Organic, ethical and pesticide free cotton - resulting in products that feedback to the circular economy with no impact (read more here).
    • Convenience on demand

    Tailored orders and frequency for your company. Convenience for your staff members.
      • Inclusion

      Everyone is affected by menstruation, either directly or indirectly. The presence of our products and service stimulates conversation amongst staff to assist in breaking down gender boundaries.
        • Employee needs are anticipated

        Our product demonstrates employee care by the employer - a thoughtful detail to ensure employee needs are valued. 

          Employees evaluate products and service companies based on their last experience - they’re also evaluating their last workplace with the same yardstick.

          Perception is reality and this is a tangible initiative to create that reality which in turn influences perception.

          We have collaborated with Carlton & United Breweries to provide menstrual products in office bathrooms and amenities. We can do the same for your workplace.

          Here's a synopsis of the CUB & Lotus.Eco story.

          Lotus.Eco x Carlton & United Breweries (CUB)

          CUB, famous for Victoria Bitter, Carlton Dry and Pure Blonde, has cemented its role in Australian history, but what’s key to CUB’s future is creating a better world. Their #BetterWorld vision aims to drive the sustainability and social consciousness agenda to create a healthy, natural environment and thriving communities.
          It's been great for us to work with a business that is driven by sustainability and is value aligned. We are ecstatic that Lotus.Eco was positively received however, we were more excited about the curiosity and connectedness it has sparked amongst staff. It was encouraging to hear that discussions about the initiative extended beyond menstruators to include people of all genders. At Lotus.Eco, we've spoken about social equity before, and it was so great to see it in action here.
          This is what CUB had to say about the initiative.


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