The Future is Biodegradability

The Future is Biodegradability

With so many responsibilities and tasks in your day it stands to reason that you carry out a lot of actions on autopilot. Like what products zip into the shopping trolley as you weave around the supermarket, on the phone, while talking your kid out of the chocolate aisle.
It might seem like it’s not worth the energy to make a planet friendly choice when it comes to buying things like tampons, shampoo or coffee but there is more at stake here, quite literally the world’s resources, so it’s well worth pausing that auto pilot function for a minute to think about your product choices and the environmental impact each of them have. That one minute of thought you invest in can make all the difference to how tomorrow works out.
We get so used to excess packaging because it’s added to just about everything we buy. In marketing terms, it costs almost nothing but to the consumer it seems safer, newer and easier to have an extra layer or two of wrap. In actual fact we don’t need even a third of the packaging we get and even then, there are plenty of ways to reuse and re-purpose rather than add to landfill.
Think about just your bathroom products alone. Do you look for organic and natural lotions and soaps because you care about your health and the planet? That’s great but what about the packaging they come in, how organic are they?
When you do your tally it’s not just plastic containers and bottles you need to consider, it’s also the seals and wrappers that make up the whole product. Are many of them, or any of them made from biodegradable materials? Will they become compost when you are done?

Every single piece of plastic and wrapping has to go somewhere after you’re done with it, and it won’t break down, decompose or soften when it gets there. That really adds up to a lot of permanent waste very quickly, and that’s just from your home. Consider every bathroom worth of plastic on your block… in your suburb… over your state.
The magnitude of our lifestyle is staggering, on the flip side, our focus and work on changing things through using less packaging and biodegradable products can be just as impacting.
Ready for some good news? It’s already starting to change. The danger to our planet and natural resources is now so clear and so real that some industry products and brands like Lotus.Eco are already taking action to produce less waste and more materials that are biodegradable.
Your part in this is so very easy. All you need to do is take a few seconds to look for the products that encourage reusable and biodegradable packaging and make them your preferred option when you buy. That small action puts pressure on non-compliant brands and manufacturers to follow suit and give customers quality biodegradable and safe product packaging.
You can start by lessening your waste contribution every month simply by purchasing biodegradable tampons from the Lotus.Eco website, which also comes with compostable packaging.


Better you. Better globe. Better tomorrow.

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