The Cost of Cotton

The Cost of Cotton

Healthy, sustainable product choice is easier than you think. Many people don’t really understand the incredible impact our purchase habits can have. We look for cotton products that are simple and convenient, but behind the scenes the price tag is colossal.
A small change in the way you make purchases of cotton goods, from clothes to tampons can have an empowering impact on the lives of vulnerable communities and ensure our planet is still beautiful for generations to come. When it comes to menstrual hygiene products, choose ethical cotton over unethical. Choose organic.
If you stop to think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense that environmental abuse and community disadvantage go hand in hand.  If you want to make the biggest profit, you’d want to exploit the most vulnerable people to do your labour and supply your land and you’re not going to care what happens to them once you move on.
Historically these fragile communities have suffered in silence. Thankfully, those singular voices are no longer alone. Lotus.Eco are proud to partner with the Environmental Justice Foundation, a not for profit NGO who are working hard to stand behind those who need it most and help cease injustice to people and environment.
One of the things EJF are assisting with is a circular economy, which is much more like the pre-industrial era way of using products and packaging. With a circular economy we can really look at eliminating waste and reuse and repurpose our resources instead of continually replacing them with new. 
It’s our great pleasure to introduce you to the UK based Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) who do incredible work internationally. This topic circular economy is especially important to us at Lotus.Eco due to cotton production practices that can have enormous environmental and human impacts. How the cotton in our organic tampons is obtained and maintained is something we want to be conscious of. EJF is helping the situation and contributing to the circular economy around cotton production to help make sure we are purchasing from the most organic and sustainable supply possible.
Our use of cotton is inevitable, at least until we find an alternative source. In the interim, there are companies like EJF that make cotton production more ethical and environmentally safe. Click here to read more about the fabulous work they do in this space

What actions can we as menstruators take in our everyday lives to make better choices for the environment and its people?

When it comes to doing your part in protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living it’s not just the planet you save, you are also looking after yourself and your family better with less toxic materials and ensuring the people who harvest your products or live on the working land get their fair due.
This is so incredibly easy to do, it’s just a matter of spending a few extra seconds to make really healthy choices when you purchase your tampons. That’s it.
Every time you make a globally conscious choice you make a difference to a waterway, a village or a forest somewhere on the planet.
As well as a healthy planet we also want a healthy life for you, so let’s keep working, let’s keep finding those places where we can make a great change and see a better world, right now.
Follow us on our journey at Lotus.Eco and feel great about your choices.




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