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You've arrived here because you've picked up one of our products or someone wants to share the love with you. 

This is how it works...

Pay it forward and give a friend a "high FIVE" by sharing this page for their gift of $FIVE. We call it, Five for a Friend. 

Because sharing is caring and we love the spirit of giving, you'll receive $FIVE too. Just create an account, make a purchase and use the code 5forafriend at checkout. A $5 discount will be applied to your order*. 

What is the significance of FIVE? The number five is commonly referred to as the number for humanity and associated with adaptability, independence, humanity, versatility and individuality. As well as representing a human being - five fingers, toes, senses, major systems of the body and appendages (including the head). It also symbolises health and love. 


So share the humanity and give Five for a Friend!



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