Cycle Transparency - Lotus.Eco's Circular Economy

Lotus.Eco is passionate about taking care of the world we live in.

We love exploring nature; at the same time we love the comfort of a little luxury. In our search for the balance between nurturing nature and achieving luxurious comfort, our curiosities have piqued to question the products available to us.
When we began to question how environmentally conscious and sustainable the supply chain of most of our consumables were; we found out that not many are! We also found that a little bit of extra luxury in our products could do with a boost too.
Our ideal is that it's more than about the physical product itself. It's about all the components which need to come together to enable the end to end service. From the raw material that goes into making the tampon and packaging, to the logistics partner (a carbon neutral company) that delivers your order to your door. We've delved into every part of our supply chain to ensure that it's sustainable. Meaning, zero or minimal impact to the environment, ethical labour practices and zero toxicity to the human body. Even our printing uses vegetable-based inks on sustainably sourced recycled paper.

How do we do this?

We believe the sustainable circular economy leads to climate change mitigation, hence we've partnered with suppliers who share the same belief to eliminate waste, reuse resources and put back into the earth what we take out.
We've worked hard and spent a long time to build wonderful relationships with our suppliers. When we visited them, we took time to understand their business and walked their factory floors. We've witnessed how much care they take to maintain hygienic conditions and ethical working practices.
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100% of the cotton that's used in Lotus.Eco tampons is certified against the Global Organic Textile Standards. These strict audit standards maintain that the cotton used is organic and free from genetic modification, pesticides and other toxic agents. Organic cotton farming practices produce up to 94% less greenhouse gases and locks carbon dioxide into the soil. Furthermore, the production process is free from chlorine bleach and perfumes which, may be an irritant when exposed to the delicate and very absorbent vaginal mucous membrane. The outcome, being far better for you and the environment.


Our tampons are carefully made in Europe and lovingly packed in Melbourne, Australia.


Lotus.Eco Sustainable Circular Economy

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