How does Passion translate to Growth

Passion is such a beautiful word. It invokes a sense of emotion, intensity, desire, enthusiasm. 

When someone asked you what your passion is, what do you say? It's a tough question to answer. How can you limit your interests and ideas to such specific constraints, and shouldn't passions also evolve as you evolve?
We understand that passions change…they should! Being passionate about different things is important - it shows growth, learning and evolution. Being passionate about something comes from trial, practice and repetition.
At Lotus.Eco we are passionate about what we do, but more so about the values that we stand behind. The "passion" we see as the energy to drive our intention and philosophy. We want to provide an alternative choice for menstrual products, ones that are environmentally, and you focused.
We aim to drive that sense of excitement and enthusiasm in everything we create and put out there into the world for you. We cannot wait to showcase the programs we are standing along with and the progress that we are collectively able to make by choosing better.
Hope you feel the same about Lotus.Eco soon as we head towards launch!


- Varenya

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