Biodegradability is the future

Biodegradability is the future

When it comes to a clean, bright future for our planet, every bit helps. Many people are aware of the plastic problem we are currently facing but don’t realise how they can help, or how they are impacting the environment just in simple every day actions. One area that really counts and where we can make an immediate difference is with our choice of tampon.

Is your period plastic?

We probably don’t give it much thought but synthetic tampons don’t break down easily, making used tampons a serious issue in landfill, waterways and to the planets long-term environmental health.
Think that one little tampon can’t make a difference? Actually, when you break it down, the numbers are pretty scary.
If the average woman menstruates forty years of her life and uses four tampons a day, for six days, every 28 days then we can calculate that over the course of a lifetime, each lady will throw away around 10,000 tampons.

Wait, are we serious?

The math doesn’t lie. 24 tampons x 13 periods per year x 40 years = 12,480
If we consider how many people there are menstruating globally, you can see how quickly something small, becomes a big challenge. It’s not only the tampon itself that contributes to the plastic problem, there’s a plastic applicator, protective casing, wrapping on the box itself that all adds up time and time again.
According to the Women's Environmental Network, tampons, pads and party-liners generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, and they all contain plastic.
Up until recently there haven’t been many choices for sanitary products. That’s now changing as more companies like Lotus.Eco emerge with a health and environmental focus and more women look for organic and plastic free options.
Real change is happening right now as people look to say no to plastic, we are also uncovering habits and actions we didn’t even realise were contributing to the problem.

So what is the solution, how can we start to make a difference?

The plastic problem is solvable. Lotus.Eco have created an amazing biodegradable tampon for modern women because we believe that biodegradable products will help solve the plastic problem.
As well as being conscious of the planet and reducing plastic waste we want you to be able to live your life the way you want to live it.
That’s why biodegradable products work, they take what you already know and feel comfortable with and make it better. It’s a simple change that won’t have a big impact on your day, but will have a big and lasting impact on the planet.
Biodegradable tampons are a safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly way to get the most out of life. Be active, be comfortable and support a healthy environment by contributing to the plastic solution.

Big benefits for you as well

It’s not just an environmental issue, I bet if you knew how much glue and plastic went into a tampon you wouldn’t be that keen to use it in the first place. Having a plastic free tampon is healthier for your body as well as the planet.
Start creating positive change right now and make the switch to biodegradable tampons. Say no to a plastic period.
Go to Lotus.Eco to purchase biodegradable tampons and make a positive choice today that will feel great for tomorrows to come.

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